Nutritional yeast flakes with added B12, per 100g

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Please be aware that there are nut and gluten containing items in the store. We work hard to avoid cross contamination, but please consider your own needs when purchasing.

A fantastic, tasty, nutritional, vegan addition to any meal. With a ‘cheesy’ flavour.

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Nutritional yeast flakes are a natural source of B vitamins as well as supplemented with B12.

Additionally, the flakes have the complete protein profile of meat, eggs, cheese and other milk products although consumed in much smaller quantities.

It has a distinctly cheese-like, nutty flavour which suits a lot of vegan dishes.

People love it as a great as vegetarian and vegan parmesan substitute.

Nutritional yeast flakes differ from active and beer yeasts because after being grown commercially on enriched, purified molasses.

The Saccharomyces cerevasiae yeast is heat-treated to deactivate it and prevent fermentation.




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1 review for Nutritional yeast flakes with added B12, per 100g

  1. 5 out of 5

    Shop Zero fan (verified owner)

    Usual stuff but without those plastic lids I’ve stopped finding a use for.

    • Sarah Maloy

      Glad to be of assistance!

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Nutritional yeast flakes with added B12, per 100g