Welcome to Shop Zero

We’re here to help you shop more consciously to reduce your environmental impact.

Find us just 2 minutes from Market Square in Nottingham City centre, at the Front Shop at the Malt Cross 16 St James’ St, NG1 6FG.

Our opening times are:

NOW open Monday: 11am-5pm

Thursday & Friday: 11am-6pm

Saturday 10am-6pm

Sunday: 12-4pm

Bring your own containers for bulk, unpackaged food, lower impact personal care, ‘on the go’ items, sustainable household goods and gifts.

So, why Shop Zero?

Our focus is on giving you great quality sustainable goods with minimal packaging and a lower environmental impact.

To reduce packaging and food waste, we offer whole foods and store cupboard essentials in bulk and unpackaged – ready for your own containers in the quantities that you choose.

We stock a wide range of lower impact personal care items, household goods and gifts, all with sustainability in mind.

At Shop Zero we know the provenance of what we sell – where our products come from and what they’re made of. We work alongside local producers and makers to bring you great quality with a lower environmental cost.

We’re here to talk with you about what you’re buying.

We need a change in the way we consume and shop. Nature is cyclical and we need to follow her example. We’ve become disconnected from our environment and we want to support the move away from a linear approach of producing greater and greater amount of waste towards taking more responsibility for the impact we have on our world.

Let’s work together to make a positive change.

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