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Beautiful, ethically-sourced and reusable market-style string shopping bags.

Never get caught out without a reusable shopping bag!  Many of our plastic bags travel along rivers and streams and end up out at sea. Unfortunately, turtles coming to Uk waters mistake our plastic bags for jellyfish. These market-style shopping bags are a great eco-friendly alternative that last for years! Zero-waste, reusable and also plastic-free!

These classic, super-stylish, organic cotton bags are naturally strong and hold up to 40kg! Moreover, they are perfect for stowing in your handbag or backpack. Plus, they’re easy to launder when needing a freshen-up.

Stocking these market-style Turtle Bags supports our commitment to the reduction of plastic bags, marine conservation, and Fair Trade principles.

The organic cotton used to make the bags is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Chemical pesticides or fertilisers are not used in cotton production. Moreover, the farmers work under safe conditions with an agreed minimum wage.

Plus, 10% of the profits are donated to the Marine Conservation Society.

Available with long and short handles, in 5 different colours.

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Black, Blush, Bottle Green, Natural, Sunflower


Long handle, Short handle


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Market-style string shopping Bags by Turtle bags – Fair Trade