Miniml -Tea Tree and Mint hair Conditioner refill, per 100g


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Refill your conditioner bottle and avoid more plastic.

Come and refill your hair conditioner bottle from our bulk container. When it is empty, we send the container back and get a new full one! A true circular, closed-loop supply

This effective conditioner is manufactured in Yorkshire. It is beautifully fragranced with a refreshing tea tree and mint scents. It gently soothes the scalp and deeply nourishes hair leaving it softer and shinier for longer.

This conditioner :

  • Naturally keeps hair softer and fizz-free.
  • Gentle on sensitive scalps and skin.
  • Minimises damage and breakage.
  • Curl Friendly/ Curly Hair Approved
  • Eco-Friendly and Readily Biodegradable.
  • Natural and subtle tea tree and mint fragrance.
  • Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and British Made.
  • Free from: VOC’s, chlorine bleaches, solvents, lanoline, sulphates, parabens and phosphates
  • Bulk refills collected, cleaned and refilled.
  • Made in Yorkshire, UK

Directions for use. 

Use after shampooing and rinsing, Put a small amount onto hands and work through wet hair. Leave for 2 minutes then rinse through.


Aqua**, Cetearyl Alcohol*, Cetrimonium Chloride*, Citric Acid*, Glycerine*, Sodium Benzoate*, Potassium Sorbate*, Polysorbate 20*, Parfum. *Denotes plant or mineral origin. **Water from The Yorkshire. For a detailed what’s what, go to their ingredients page.


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