Zero Waste Club – Bamboo toothbrush, Adult


Handcrafted organic bamboo, ethically sourced toothbrush

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This Bamboo Toothbrush is an environmentally friendly substitute for the plastic toothbrush

The handle is biodegradable and the bristles are recyclable through Zero Waste Club’s scheme, so you can send the bristles back to them for proper recycling.

Each handle is handcrafted, meaning no two toothbrushes are the same.

  • Handle made of 100% biodegradable and sustainable bamboo

  • 100% Vegan

  • BPA and toxic free nylon bristles

  • Bristles can be sent back to Zero Waste Path for recycling here

  • Anti-bacterial and super smooth finish

  • The paint used on the handle is environmentally-friendly and completely biodegradable

  • Choice of colours
  • Packaging is recycled brown kraft paper. No plastic

  • Check inside the box for the code that allows you to plant your own tree!

All of the Zero Waste Club bamboo toothbrushes are made in a factory located in the Zhejiang Province in China. The provide the following information, “The factory uses organically grown and locally sourced Mao bamboo in the production of these toothbrushes. The factory workers work 8 hours a day and their wage per month is RMB 8,000-12,000, equal to £940-£1408, which is higher than the minimum wage of the province which is RMB 2010 a month, equal to £236. The workers receive holiday gifts during the Dragon-Boat Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the Chinese New Year.  The workers have health insurance and receive regular examinations”.

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Arctic Blue, Jet Black, Leaf Green, Ocean Blue, Pastel Pink


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Zero Waste Club – Bamboo toothbrush, Adult