Georganics – Natural mineral Toothpowder, 4 flavours, 2 sizes


The perfect plastic-free alternative to traditional toothpaste. Use the dropdown menu to choose flavour and size.

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A more eco-friendly, natural toothpowder

We have chosen the Georganics as they are:

  • A truly zero-waste company, who understand natural dental care
  • Their natural toothpowder effectively removes stains and plaque which naturally form on our teeth
  • The powders contains high levels of food grade minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and natural organic silica.
  • There are no synthetic chemicals such as peroxides or synthetic flavourings (sometimes be found in traditional toothpaste)


  • Organic, ethically and locally sourced ingredients
  • Free from Fluoride, SLS & Glycerin
  • Great for whitening and stain removal
  • PETA, cruelty-free & vegan
  • In recyclable packaging – glass jar, aluminium lid and compostable box
  • 60ml supply for 1 person / twice a day: 4 weeks / 120ml: 8 weeks
  • BBE: up to 12 months after opening.

Additional information

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Activated charcoal, English Peppermint, Orange, Spearmint


120ml, 60ml

Product image georganics activated charcoal toothpowder
Georganics – Natural mineral Toothpowder, 4 flavours, 2 sizes