Eco Rainbow – Washable sanitary pad, range of size and colours


Opt for a more eco-friendly and healthier period with these handmade cloth sanitary pads by Eco Rainbow. Use the dropdown menu to choose size and fabric pattern.

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Looking for more eco-friendly period products?

Choose to have a healthier period by avoiding the chemicals present in conventional disposable pads. Give these handmade reusable and handmade pads a try. They are made to last you years which means that you will avoid releasing hundreds of single-use products in our precious environment. And you’ll be saving money too!

The pad toppers are all a soft, flexible, patterned Jersey cotton (some organic). All pads have a leakproof PUL (Polyurethane laminate) layer in them for extra protection. In addition, there is a layer of Zorb which makes the pads more absorbent. The topper is a fleece in either white or black. The fleece part is placed against your pants and helps stop slipping. The patterned side goes against the body.

Please read our reusable period products blog for more info.

There are 3 sizes available:

  • 7″ panty liner pad for light days
  • 8″ regular pad
  • 11″ heavy or night pad

Available in 6 different topper patterns:

Rainclouds, Succulents, Geo Elephant, Bees, Mandala and Blue Floral.

These popular pads are handmade with care by Bex of Eco Rainbow in Berkshire.

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7” light/regular, 8” regular, 11” heavy/night


Rainclouds (organic cotton Jersey, black fleece), Succulent (organic cotton Jersey, black fleece), Geo Elephant (cotton Jersey, black fleece), Bees (organic cotton Jersey, white fleece), Mandala (cotton Jersey, white fleece), Blue Floral (cotton Jersey, white fleece)


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Product image of a cloth sanitary pad by Eco Rainbow
Eco Rainbow – Washable sanitary pad, range of size and colours