Earthwise – Washable Sanitary Pad, small


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Perfect opportunity to switch from disposable to reusable sanitary pads

Each small pad consists of:

  • A leakproof PUL backing layer
  • One layer of microfibre core
  • A top layer of white microfleece

Also, this reusable pad is designed for spotting, light flow or as back-up for a Menstrual cup.

This small pad is approximately 17.5cm long, and when closed, the width is 6.5 or 7.5cm, depending on the popper setting chosen.

Useful information

Wash them at 40 degrees in a washing machine and they will air dry rapidly.

Different patterns and colours are available. Check in store or contact us if you have a particular preference.

Also available in medium and long, both individually and in sets of 3.



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Earthwise – Washable Sanitary Pad, small