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This parchment baking paper is made from unbleached & totally chlorine-free (TCF) greaseproof paper!

Have you ever thought about how your parchment baking paper is made? This one is totally chlorine-free, so no chlorine or chlorine derivatives are dumped into our lakes, rivers and streams. This means that our environment and wildlife won’t be affected by our baking!

Specifications for the baking parchment paper

  • Great for baking, roasting, reheating and wrapping.
  • No greasing needed
  • Completely non-stick
  • No toxic additives
  • Won’t affect taste of food
  • Microwave safe; oven safe to 428F/220C
  • Incredible value at 70 sq ft (other brands at 30-45 sq ft)
TIP:  Re-heat cold pizza in the oven on parchment paper. Cheese won’t stick to the paper and clean up is minimal.

Product Lifecycle

Choosing our materials
Parchment paper from FSC certified forests. Unbleached totally chloine free. Silicone coaing derived from silicon in sand/quartz/rock. Carboard box is recycled processed chlorine free. You can compost the parchment paper in municipal or commercial compost facilities where available and can also be home composted. You can find more details about the product here.


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Parchment baking paper, 100% compostable and chlorine free.
Parchment Baking Paper