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For when you want a great place to store your soap

People are swapping  to soap bars to reduce the number plastic bottles. Where to keep your soap? Why not try this biodegradable wooden soap dish from Zero Waste Club. It’s a great shape to fit on your sink.


  • Drain holes allow water to filter through and keep your soap dry

  • Made from sustainably sourced, anti-bacterial Acacia wood

  • 100% biodegradable and vegan

  • ZWC plant a tree for every item you purchase

Please note the sticker on the back of the first batch of these products is hard to remove. We recommend soaking in hot water in order to help remove the sticker.

A word from the Maker:

“My name is Xiao Li Lin, I am 36 years old, I have been working with the company for 8 years. I have found well paying, consistent and satisfying work through this job.

I live in Nanping County with my family and my hobbies are dancing and shopping. Nearly every evening after I finish work, I go to practice dancing.  It brings me a lot of joy and also keeps me healthy,

I’m one of the people who is responsible for making the sporks, toothbrushes and this soap dish. I hope you love the soap dish as much as I do.”


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Acacia Soap dish – Zero Waste Club