Sunflower Mince – organic, per 100g


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Vegan dried mince made from one single ingredient, organic sunflower seeds.

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Looking for a healthy and vegan mince alternative to meat?

Here is a great, natural and eco-friendly option. Sunflower mince is an fantastic plant-based alternative to meat and soya or other processed meat alternatives. It is high in both protein and fibre.

If you’ve tried sunflower mince before, you already know how easy it is to use. It has a great texture and taste, is quick to cook and you wouldn’t think it is made from sunflower seeds

Naturally gluten free and vegan. Visit for great recipe ideas and tips.

How to use:

Cooking with organic sunflower mince couldn’t be easier. Just pour the relevant portion size of the mince into any sauce, whether tomato, ‘creamy’ or gravy.  Add an extra 1/2 cup of water and let the dish cook for about 5 minutes.

Works great to make bolognese with it. This mince could even replace meat in stir-fries, etc.

100g makes 5 portions (portion-size 15-19G)

Praise for the Sunflower mince:

  • “We had the sunflower mince tonight and absolutely loved it. I made a bolognese with it.”
  • “I’m definitely going to be experimenting and using this in place of other meat mince alternatives going forward.”
  • “Exciting to find something soy free and a byproduct as well so doubling the green points.
  • “Thanks for stocking it and turning us onto something new.”
  • “I have tried the Organic Sunflower Mince, it’s  great, texture is so good, who would think it comes from a sunflower, and it’s so quick to cook.”
  • “Last night we added the sun flower mince into our stir fry in the place of mixed pork!  It was yummmmy!!”


Organic Sunflower Protein (Made from Organic Sunflower Seeds farmed in Europe)

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Product image of the Sunflower Family's organic, vegan, Sunflower Mince
Sunflower Mince – organic, per 100g