Puy lentils – organic, per 100g

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Dark speckled lentils


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A store favourite, puy lentils – organic

A small blue/green lentil named after the region in France where it is grown. Sometimes called green speckled lentils, they can be used with out pre-soaking, but soaking for a few hours will speed up cooking time.

Grown organically.


Why we love working with Lembas

Lembas are a vegetarian food cooperative wholly owned by it’s employees (people power!)
We love working with them because they are committed as we are to the principles of ethical trading and growing. These core principles are of great importance to Shop Zero when we are sourcing products for our customers. Furthermore, another important consideration is that Lembas are against the genetic manipulation of foodstuffs and actively encourage the sale of organic products. The organic products we source from them have been grown or farmed without the use of: artificial chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, genetically modified organisms (GMOs). We source most of our organic food from Lembas.
We also love that they are based in Sheffield, not so far from Nottingham. And they never air freight any of their foodstuffs which are sourced from abroad. Plus they are a super helpful company and provide great customer service.

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Puy lentils – organic, per 100g