Chocolate Orange Figs, per 100g


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Chocolate Orange Figs from Raw Chocolate Company

More about the Raw Chocolate Co

Raw Chocolate Company aims to have a positive impact on the planet as well as on the lives of the people who produce the ingredients that are used. They work directly with the cocoa-growing communities who have excellent working conditions and receive a good price for their crop.

This means

  • The chocolate is raw
  • The cacao used has been sun-dried, not heat treated. It is minimally processed to keep it as close to a natural state possible, just as when it left the tree.
  • All products are vegan and very pure.
  • All cacao is certified organic.
  • Most of the other ingredients are organic also.

The chocolate is made in the traditional way starting with cocoa beans and cocoa butter. They then add some sweetness, in the form of coconut sugar or lucuma. And that is pretty much everything. The ingredients are carefully mixed for a long time in order to make a velvety smooth and intense chocolate.

Basic ingredients: organic raw cacao, organic virgin cacao butter, organic coconut sugar.

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Chocolate Orange Figs by Raw Chocolate Company
Chocolate Orange Figs, per 100g