Allspice powder, per 100g


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Ground Allspice (Piment0) is available per 100g for weighing into your own containers in-store or for shipping out in paper bags

Allspice is an important spice in Jamaican cuisine. It’s often used in Jamaican jerk seasoning. Fantastic for pickling, sausage preparation, and curries. It’s also a staple in many Middle Eastern dishes. Moreover, it gives flavour to a variety of stews and meat dishes. In sweet foods it adds a spicy kick to biscuits and is essential in Pumpkin Pie.

Allspice is actually a dried, ground berry from Pimenta dioica an evergreen tree of the Myrtle family. The tree  is native to Jamaica, Guatemala, and Honduras.


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Product image of our dried Allspice powder
Allspice powder, per 100g