CleanU Skincare Pop-Up, 16th of December 2023

This item can only be purchased in store at our Friar Lane shop.


Cleanu Skincare Pop-Up, 16th of December!

Arushi from CleanU Skincare is back at the pop-up counter with her ethically sourced lifestyle products. This time on Saturday, 16th of December!
On her last visit, Arushi brought a beautiful tea selection along with her natural soaps, coconut bowls and soap nuts.
“Clean U is a clean natural and organic lifestyle brand from England. It’s inspired by age old traditional beauty recipes from India. Our products feature exotic and wild crafted ingredients. Each product has a story behind it, the authentic ingredients and formulations along with the local traditional production method and use. The natural ingredients and their traceability and sustainable development for the local communities are also key elements for us.”


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