Soapnuts for laundry, per 100g


An all-natural, traditional way to wash laundry. Great for sensitive skin.

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Soapnut shells are a sustainable and natural method of washing your laundry.

These wildcrafted soapnuts produce natural saponins when added to water. These are natural, foaming detergents.


  • Can be used at all temperatures from 30-90 degrees C
  • Great for all allergy sufferers
  • 100% natural & compostable


Place 3-4 soapnut shells into a muslin bag which you can find here and put them with your laundry in the washing machine. Moreover, they can be used for up to 3 or 4 times.

Sustainably grown in India and sourced by an East Midlands Company, CleanU Skincare who have well-established links with the community who wildcraft the Soapnuts in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.


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Soapnuts for laundry, per 100g