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Brew your own plant fertiliser using these amazing worm manure brew bags


We are so pleased to be able to stock these wonderful Magic Manure plant fertiliser bags from local company, The Urban Worm

Brew up your own liquid fertiliser and foliage spray to keep your plants thriving and resistant to pests and disease. Choose from either an individual brew bag or a box of 8. A fantastic gift for a conscious gardener.


Each brew bag is full of pure worm manure and each makes up to 10 litres of fertiliser! Simply add a bag to your watering can (split the contents if your container is smaller), add water. Leave for 24 hours to steep and develop a wonderful nutrient-rich-brew your plants will love.  You can likely get up to 3 uses from each bag. After use scatter the contents around the base of a plant or mix with compost.

100 % biodegradable brew bag outer made from corn starch

Why Plants Love Worm Manure

Direct Use
The only fresh manure not to scorch plants. Seeds can be sown direct in 100% worm manure (but why limit it when you can dilute it?)

Healthy Plant Development
Teeming with minerals and nutrients essential for the development of strong cell walls.

Long Lasting
Concentrated nutrient base that slow-releases, as and when required by the plant.

Moisture Retention
Holds up to 50% moisture, building resilience against drought and heavy rainfall which is developing as a consequence of climate change.

Optimal Growth
Contains auxins and cytokinins which are growth hormones that promote fibrous roots and healthy plant development.

Highly Concentrated
One tablespoon provides enough nutrients for a plant to thrive throughout the growing season!

Disease Control
Contains fungus eating nematodes and protozoa.

Pest Control
Contains high levels of chitinase a natural insect repellent.

Improves Soil
Cylindrical shape of the manure particles prevent soil compaction, aid drainage and also healthy root development


1 review for The Urban Worm – Magic manure brew bags

  1. 5 out of 5

    Claire (verified owner)

    I used these on my veggies, knowing that my soil wasn’t great, and got loads of healthy plants so I can’t complain! Left them in a full watering can in the greenhouse and used the next day, I got quite a few uses out of each one, and then when they stopped making the water smell I threw them in the compost, I expected the bags to disintegrate in the watering can to be honest, but they didn’t, though it seems they have in the compost, so they’re perfect. I’m definitely going to keep using these.

    • Sarah Maloy

      Thank you for that useful review Claire. We’re very lucky to be able to stock these. And what you’ve told us will help others.

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The Urban Worm – Magic manure brew bags