Eco-friendly shopping planner by Deborah Panesar Illustration


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Beautifully illustrated eco friendly shopping planner to help reduce waste and inspire healthy eating. 

Nottingham artist, Deborah Panesar, was inspired by her weekly shop, and created this useful planner to not only help with remembering the bread and milk, but also to help inspire new ways of cooking such as a new recipe or some batch cooking so your prepared for the day when you don’t feel like getting the pans out.

Key features:

• Printed on 80gsm recycled paper, each pad has 50 sheets and has been secured by glue at the top on a hardback board.
• These shopping lists are 100% biodegradable and recyclable. The backing board can go in your recycling bin and the sheets can either be recycled or shredded and added to your compost heap. The cellophane sleeves are biodegradable also, helping to reduce the amount of plastic that goes to landfill.
• Each pad measures at A4 size: 21cm x 29.7cm
• At the bottom of the sheet is a helpful reminder to not forget your bags. It saves you money, and saves on plastic going out into the environment.

How to use:
• Each sheet features lines for your list, plus sections for planning meals for the week, a ‘This week I’ll Try’ section and ‘3 pantry recipe’s’ section.
• ‘This week I’ll try…’ is there to inspire you. Be brave and pop a recipe on there that you never thought you could do. (Deborah’s were vegetarian sausage rolls and she conquered the recipe!)
• ‘3 Pantry Recipes’ section is for noting down recipes for essentials you need to stock up on in the freezer or cupboard; maybe yours, like Deb’s will be homemade peanut butter, scones (for lunch) and ice lollies but it can also be bread, stock, and overnight oats to name a few.

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Eco-friendly shopping planner by Deborah Panesar Illustration