Natural Toilet Bombs


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An ecofriendly way to clean your loo!

These natural toilet bombs are handmade by April at Herbal Homes.

Made from 100% natural ingredients, these Toilet Bombs fizz away in your loo to clean below the water line. Natural and effective, without the use of harsh synthetic chemicals. They are made using only natural minerals and essential oils. Moreover they release a lovely scent while deodorising and disinfecting your toilet bowl and leaving your bathroom smelling amazing too!

How to use the natural toilet bombs:

  • Simply drop a bomb your toilet bowl.
  • Once they’ve stopped fizzing, grab your loo brush and scrub round the bowl.
  • Keep in an airtight containers to retain their scent.

Natural Toilet bombs are available in 2 scents, Lemongrass and Tea tree.

The toilet bombs are supplied to us unwrapped. Bring your own container to the store. They will be put them in a paper bag for postal orders.


Do not mix with other toilet cleaners.  Please keep toilet bombs out of reach of children and animals. Wash hands thoroughly after handling.

We are also stocking toilet brush & bucket here.

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Tea Tree, Lemongrass


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Herbal Homes toilet bombs - a natural way to clean your look without harmful chemicals
Natural Toilet Bombs