Zero Waste Bodycare Gift Set


Zero Waste Pamper Gift Set made with carefully selected items.


A luxurious and Zero Waste Bodycare Gift Set

Pamper yourself or help your loved one reduce their plastic footprint whilst caring for their body.

What’s in the Zero Waste Bodycare gift set?

Please let us know in the comments box at checkout which of the Pit Putty deodorants and Shower Blocks solid shower gel you would like. Or let us surprise you.

How do we choose our makers and products?

The items have been carefully selected for this Zero Waste Bodycare gift set. They are sourced from truly sustainable, and where possible, local companies so you can be sure they are ethically produced, cruelty free and naturally good for you.

Konjac Sponge

Our konjac sponge comes unpackaged with a little piece of string threaded through to hang it up to dry.

Suitable for all skin types, certified vegan & cruelty-free, cleanses, exfoliates and is also suitable around the delicate eye area, 100% natural plant fibre, use with or without cleanser, 100% colouring & additive-free and made in South Korea on the Island of Jeju.

Charcoal Tea Tree Face Bar by Pit Putty

A naturally cleansing face bar to help fight blemishes whilst being gentle on your skin. Made for troublesome skin that just needs a little extra love. Whether it’s after a run or a hard day’s work, the Charcoal Tea Tree bar is the best thing for a deep cleanse! Only natural, vegan and palm free oils.

Natural Deodorant by Pit Putty

Pit Putty is devoted to creating products which are 100% natural, free from SLS and other chemicals, entirely vegan and eco-friendly and actually work. Swapping to a natural deodorant is a popular choice made by those who want to have a more sustainable lifestyle. Only natural, vegan and palm free oils.

Sisal soap pouch 

A sisal soap pouch is made out of natural fibres. Is perfect when using a soap bar in your personal care routine. This helps to aid foam to your wash and reduces soap usage which will make your soap last longer.

Solid Shower Gel by Shower Blocks

Shower Blocks are handmade in the UK by Nick, the owner and creator of Shower Blocks. Sweet Orange & Bergamot scent.

These solid shower gel blocks are the perfect body wash alternative to your showering routine. Great if you want to ditch the plastic but also want to keep that great shower gel feeling. By having one of the Shower Blocks, a mini block is donated to Toiletries Amnesty – because everyone deserves a great shower. Vegan friendly and Paraben free.

Eco-friendly packaging for our Zero Waste Bodycare Gift Set

So often gift boxes are packed in single-use and unnecessary packaging. Not with us!  This useful kit comes in an A5-sized recycled Kraft card box. Moreover, you’ll find the contents are protected by waste paper filler (all biodegradable). The box is tied with natural string or twine. Additionally, the gift includes a Kraft paper gift tag ready for your message.

Like what you see in our zero waste bodycare gift set? All these items are stocked separately in our online shop. Find out more about each product by clicking on the links above.



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Zero Waste Body Care Gift set
Zero Waste Bodycare Gift Set