Sustainable bamboo travel cutlery set


Why not carry a reusable, lightweight bamboo cutlery set?

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Plastic cutlery is a top environmental pollutant. Swap for a sustainably-grown bamboo cutlery set, including a knife, fork and spoon.

If you end up buying a take-away at lunch time, why not have one of these sets in your bag instead? Just think of all the resources you could save!  Even the wooden substitutes are often a single use item and end up in the bin.

You could, of course, take cutlery from home, but maybe you’d like a lightweight set in your bag?  [The knife actually has a cutting edge (unlike some that we have seen)!]

Great for camping and travelling too.

Pouch and cutlery roll not included




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Product image bamboo travel cutlery set
Sustainable bamboo travel cutlery set