Themed Recyclable Paper Tapes


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Swap traditional plastic tape for themed recyclable paper tapes!

Themed Paper Tape Roll.  Suitable for all types of gift and parcel wrapping, crafts or business use!

Available designs for our themed recyclable paper tapes:

25mm: ‘Merry Christmas’, ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Stars’ , ‘White Christmas Tree’, ‘Black Christmas Tree’ or ‘Reindeer’.

50mm: Dandelion seed


  • Brown Kraft paper
  • With white vegan friendly ink, water based inks
  • Roll length is 50m long by 25 mm wide, except dandelion tape which is 50m long x 50mm wide
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Water resistant
  • Free from plastic
  • Recyclable with normal paper household paper waste
  • compostable
  •  with one sided strong glue adhesive

Why swap to paper tape?

Sellotape-type rolls are made from plastic. This tape will never biodegrade. Plastic tape also contaminates the recycling systems making it impossible to effectively recycle other materials.

This paper tape does not need removing and can be added to your usual paper recycling. We also have simple brown paper tape in various sizes here.


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Merry Christmas, Reindeer, Happy Birthday, Dandelion, Stars, Black Christmas Tree, White Christmas Tree


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Merry Christmas paper tape.
Themed Recyclable Paper Tapes