Magnesium Ointment, 50ml – For The Love of Earth

Magnesium ointment 50ml in zero waste packaging. Great for better sleep, migranes, cramps, restless leg.

Magnesium Ointment gives extra love to your skin! Have issues with sleeping, migranes or restless legs? If so, might be worth giving our magnesium ointment a try! According to guidance from the NHS, men ages 19-64 should have 300mg a day while women aged 19-64 should have 270mg. Some of the most common symptoms for … Read more

Student Starter Kits at Shop Zero – have you got yours yet?

Sustainable self care student kit

Today’s blog is for our wonderful student community. If you’ve just arrived in Nottingham as a student, we hope you’re settling in nicely and have had a chance to start exploring our brilliant city. Welcome! We’re so excited to have you here. And if you’re a returning student, welcome back! We think it’s safe to … Read more

Reusable Essentials – Student Kit

Ecofriendly reusable essentials kit for Student. Including cup, straw and sandwich wrapper.

Zero Waste Reusable Essentials Student Kit Get your Academic year started with this eco-friendly & sustainable set. We are pleased to introduce this amazing student kit, perfect for those starting their zero-waste journey, or just wanting to make small steps toward a plastic-free lifestyle! This kit will save you money on your take aways. This … Read more

How to save money with zero-waste living

Save money with zero-waste

Is it possible to save money with zero-waste living? I know that this is a common concern, especially with the cost of living skyrocketing. When I first started my zero-waste journey, one of the things that held me back was my assumption that living sustainably wouldn’t be affordable. With a family to think about, every … Read more

Is zero waste expensive?

A Is zero waste expensive? An inherent part of zero-waste living is planning ahead and shopping with intention (if you really need to shop!) This means that we’re less likely to impulse buy as we choose to only buy what we need. This is a strategic way of saving money as well as waste, as … Read more

Plastic Free July – why I started Shop Zero

The Plastic Free July Challenge I am often asked why and how I started Shop Zero. With Plastic Free July just around the corner, it reminded me of my own zero waste journey. And how my experiences led me to want to help others reduce their plastic-footprint. It was back in 2016. I was already … Read more

12 Zero-Waste and Sustainability Tips for Nottingham Students

🍀A big Shop Zero welcome to all students coming to Nottingham! This blog post is based on the zero-waste and sustainability experiences of Bianca who works at Shop Zero – 2020 and during the COVID pandemic! Hi, I’m Bianca. I’ve just graduated from Nottingham Trent University and I’m here to give you my official Student … Read more

Straw cleaning brush

This type of cleaning brush is ideal to use when you want to properly wash your straws after having a delicious smoothie.

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