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The Plastic Free Pantry use the finest British organic heritage grain wheat, freshly milled in Northumberland.

Heritage grains are those which have naturally adapted to the growing conditions of the UK.

Most wheat has been selectively bred for yield but requires intensive farming techniques. This damages the soils while planting large mono-crops which can mean whole crops is lost to disease or climate change.

The natural diversity inherent in heritage grains offer better soil protection and better resilience to disease and climate change.

If we’re to continue feeding ourselves as a planet, supporting small scale farmers growing heritage grain wheat is vital.

The result is a pasta which is rich in flavour and kind to the planet.

This is made with stoneground flour. It has the texture you’d expect from white pasta but stoneground flour gives it a bit more bite, flavour, and nutrition while still being much lighter in taste and texture than wholewheat pasta.

Please note: as the Nottingham-based Plastic Free Pantry produce in batches, the shapes and flour types we stock are likely to vary.




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