How to make the most of World Refill Day!

A personal perspective about reusable items from Bianca at Shop Zero


According to PlasticsEurope, less than a third of all plastic in the UK is recycled. You might also have seen the articles about the UK sending our plastics meant for recycling to other countries to “deal with it”. This is instead of taking steps towards minimising our harmful impact on the environment.

I’ve been using the same reusable bottle and cup since I first bought them back in 2018. You can do the math for how many plastic bottles and cups I have avoided since then! It’s simple changes like this one that can make a difference.

Tips you can follow for #WorldRefillDay and beyond:

  • Choose a reusable water bottle which will last you many many years! It’s great that we can refill them in public refill stations or cafes. Stay hydrated, save money and protect the environment!
  • Switch to a reusable coffee/teacup. If you usually grab a coffee when out-and-about, imagine how many single-use cups with a plastic-lining you would stop throwing away in a year!
  • Don’t forget your reusable straw.
  • Get your milk in glass containers. Look out for home deliveries, independent stores, Zero Waste shops, local farmers and markets. Find out if there is a milk refill store near you.
  • Pack your food in reusable containers such as stainless steel lunchboxes, reusable sandwich bags, or wax wraps. Great for picnics, lunch breaks on-the-go, you name it.
  • Find a Zero Waste refill store near you. And bring your own produce bags to refill with household staples such as pasta, pulses, nuts and spices. At Shop Zero we even have cooking oil refills! Gather some refillable containers together and start your journey towards a plastic-free kitchen!
  • Reuse your old detergent and personal care containers. At Shop Zero, we encourage our customers to bring their laundry liquid bottl for refills. This way the container will be used again and again.

Spread the Refill love!

As part of encouraging each other to refill, share places that you know who take reusable cups/containers for refills. Let’s show them some love by tagging them on social media.

And if you need to invest in quality, reusable bottles, cups, containers and produce bags, visit our website – Feel free to check out our food and detergents refill options too.
Our services are: click & next day collect, weekly cycle home delivery and nationwide postal orders.

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