Miniml – Tea and Mint Body Wash/Bubble Bath refill, per 100g

Product image of our Cucumber and Mint body wash.bubble bath refill per 100g

Help to reduce the unnecessary disposable of plastic bottles.  Come and refill your body wash or bubble bath bottle from our bulk supply! When our container is empty, we send it back to Miniml in Yorkshire and get a new full one! A true circular, closed loop supply. With a refreshing scent of Tea Tree and Mint, this … Read more

Miniml – Cucumber and Aloe Vera hand wash refill, per 100g

Product image of our Cucumber and Aloe Vera hand wash refill per 100g

No more disposable of plastic bottles. A true circular closed loop supply! Come and refill your hand wash bottle from our bulk supply. When our container is empty, we send it back for refilling. This gel hand wash is manufactured from naturally derived ingredients in Yorkshire. It eliminates stubborn dirt, leaving hands feeling soft, even after multiple … Read more

Plastic Free July – why I started Shop Zero

The Plastic Free July Challenge I am often asked why and how I started Shop Zero. With Plastic Free July just around the corner, it reminded me of my own zero waste journey. And how my experiences led me to want to help others reduce their plastic-footprint. It was back in 2016. I was already … Read more

How to make the most of World Refill Day!

A personal perspective about reusable items from Bianca at Shop Zero According to PlasticsEurope, less than a third of all plastic in the UK is recycled. You might also have seen the articles about the UK sending our plastics meant for recycling to other countries to “deal with it”. This is instead of taking steps … Read more

Shop Zero – post-lockdown trends – May 2021 With lockdown easing, and all of us coming out of enforced hibernation, I thought it might be interesting to reflect on the lockdown trends of Shop Zero customers – and what the new “faves” are as we head out in public again. Of course, we had pasta-gate, … Read more

12 Zero-Waste and Sustainability Tips for Nottingham Students

🍀A big Shop Zero welcome to all students coming to Nottingham! This blog post is based on the zero-waste and sustainability experiences of Bianca who works at Shop Zero – 2020 and during the COVID pandemic! Hi, I’m Bianca. I’ve just graduated from Nottingham Trent University and I’m here to give you my official Student … Read more

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