Handy food or soap tin, Morri

Small rectangular stainless steel container Ideal for taking snacks, for dips or as a soap holder among other uses. Please note that because the lid does not have a plastic seal, there could be some leakage if used with very wet foods. Not for use in microwave. Dishwasher safe. Made from high quality 201 food-grade … Read more

Grapefruit Sea Kelp and Sea Salt Scrub Soap

Product image of Sea Kelp and Salt Scrub Soap by Acala

Treat your skin in the morning with this Grapefruit Sea Kelp and Sea Salt scrub soap! This bar will gently buff away dirt and dead skin cells leaving your skin fresh and ready to take on the day. The Sea Kelp is rich in antioxidants, which work as a skin barrier, locking in moisture. Moreover, … Read more

Traditional Shaving Brushes – wooden handle

Product image of an Ash wood handle shaving brush with a traditional reusable, safety razor

Moving over to a reusable razor and using shaving soap? Why not get a traditional shaving brush to create the perfect lather? Please choose from Ash (light wood handle), Ash (natural fibre

Zero Waste Path – Activated Charcoal soap bar

This is an image of Zero Waste Path handmade activated charcoal soap

A fantastic, moisturising and purifying soap. Handmade by ethical company, Zero Waste Path. A great soap to clean the skin deeply while keeping it soft and moisturised. Working together, the activated charcoal, the French green clay and tea tree essential oil make this soap bar is perfect for oily and mixed skin types. Suitable for … Read more

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