Shop Zero – post-lockdown trends – May 2021

Product image for Pit-tastic Rose and Ylang Ylang natural solid deodorant

With lockdown easing, and all of us coming out of enforced hibernation, I thought it might be interesting to reflect on the lockdown trends of Shop Zero customers – and what the new “faves” are as we head out in public again.

Of course, we had pasta-gate, when we all had to limit supplies. Luckily for us, because of our bulk supplies, we had stock for your containers, while so many shops didn’t. So, customers were very grateful for that back in the early days.

We also did well on the toilet paper trail too with our ‘Who Gives A Crap’ eco-friendly variety. Win, win.

But the item that has consistently continued to grab the top spot during lockdown is… drum roll please…good old, organic porridge oats

As people were at home, taking more time over breakfast we had a run-on oats, muesli and Rollagranola granola. And it seems it’s stuck, and we’ve got you hooked! Oats continue to sell well. We hope this healthy breakfast trend continues. 

Other top lockdown sellers – All those extra meals at home meant that there was so much of that handy go-to essential pasta whizzing out the Shop Zero door. It seems you can’t get enough of our bulk, organically grown, wholewheat and white varieties!

What’s next? Well, it’s refills for washing-up liquid – seems like a lot more of us were dining in and therefore washing-up more often. 

Even though we couldn’t offer refills of washing-up liquid through postal orders (for obvious reasons), we had people flocking to reuse their washing-up bottles with us! After all, they’re way too sturdy to be considered just single use! 

We’re very proud of our Shop Zero customers. In 2020, despite the global pandemic, you amazing bunch refilled a fantastic 500 x 500ml worth of washing up bottles! That’s so much waste saved.

Product image for reusable, washable make-up pads by the Zero Waste Maker

But what’s been happening as we move out of lockdown? Have we spotted any changes in your sustainable shopping habits? 

Well, it’s all very interesting. As people emerge from their homes, slip out of their joggers and into work or public facing mode, we’re thinking more about how we look (and smell). 

That’s translating into some different trends in the shop. We’re finding an increase in people reaching for the natural deodorant

Lots of people are unhappy with the unrecyclable packaging of conventional deodorants, never mind the chemicals that can end up on your skin. 

So, the new ‘Pit-tastic’, paper-wrapped deodorant (including a sensitive version with no Bicarbonate of Soda), the Nottingham-based Pit Putty in a tin or the Ku.tis deodorant, which comes in a handy, pop-up cardboard tube, are all proving really popular.

Pre-lockdown, another top sustainable swap was the reusable/washable make-up remover pads. Make-up users get through literally thousands of cotton make-up remover pads in their lifetime. These resource-thirsty and waste-creating single-use items are really not good for the environment. Lots of you were buying the washable, made-in-Nottingham, fabric version

Making this switch is a quick win. As lockdown is easing, we’re seeing sales are on the rise again. After all, we all want to show our best face as we go out. 

We’ve found that soap bars have been flying out. People do love to refill their hand wash containers with us, but with the continued need for hand washing, it’s wonderful that people are seeking out plastic-free options! 

And we’re particularly happy to support two local soap makers, the Nottingham Soapbox and Williams Bodycare, by stocking their eco-friendly soaps.

I hope you’ve found some of that interesting reading. We’d love to know what your favourites are. Feel free to email us ( or comment below to let us know. And don’t forget that you can pop into our shop in the City Centre, or if you’re further afield, checkout our online shop on our website where you can book a click and collect, a local cycle delivery, or a nationwide postal order.

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